Retention & Rewards

Freemium customer rewards program:

AmpedPro partners with gym owners to help reward their members and our shared customers. The Freemium model is provided at no cost to the gym owner. What the gym owner receives is an effortless rewards program platform that helps re-enforce the gym member community so that they receive a greater value then what they are paying for.

What comes with the freemium rewards model

In-gym kiosk:

  • Products for customers to purchase (and you to receive a commission on)
  • Reward points for purchases and attendance.

We have more in the works. So stay tuned for great tools and features available to you and your members!


Coming SOON…


The premium member rewards and retention model

Here is how AmpedPro can help you. Our premium model takes customer retention to the next level. We partner with quite a few gyms, and we have learned, and we keep learning a lot about how to keep members, that are at different phases of the fitness journey, engaged, goal focused and happy. We help you provide your members individually, with more value then they feel they are paying for.

Here is how we do it…

We take into account customer data to better understand and classify each of your members. This is done so that we can provide them with a rewards and retention program that is tailored just for them and their needs.

For example, let's say you have 4 new members from your recent marketing and promotion efforts. Each of these members are at different physical ability levels, and each has a different motivation for attending. Our system gets into some pretty cool (“cool” if you like numbers, charts and excel) data analysis on their attendances, workout performance, and demographics information to identify typical factors for each member that may help them stay engaged and attending longer.

A rewards program in the premium model may look something like this for one of the new members. A new member starts coming in and working out. After about a week they receive a steeply discounted 5k race. The type of event was selected based on the member physical performance and ability. This 5k could be a month in a half out and gives the member something to work towards.

Along with the new members 5k goal set, tailored services for recovery such as massage, cryotherapy or even a chiropractic package with a new member discount would be offered. Along with that, we could offer a new member discount for healthy meal prep delivery. The vendors on our platform are involved with your new members success and would be working to keep your member engaged and working towards their goals. They do this because your member would have a high probability of using their service again as they continue their fitness journey.

The additional value to your member

Under the freemium model for member rewards and retention, your members get:

  • Points for purchase
  • Services and products for purchase
  • Swag items for points

Under the ‘Premium’ model for member rewards and retention, your members get:

  • Points for purchase
    • Points for attendance
    • Points for PR’s met and athletic improvement
  • Services and products for purchase
    • Special discounts for tailored service offerings
  • Swag items for points
    • Swag for events they have attended
    • Premium swag items