Yes,  we  can  make  it  easy  for  you  to  sell  your  products  in  your  gym/location  and  allow  you  to  focus  on  your  customers.  

No problem! There is no obligation to keep the kiosk in your location. Cancel at any time. However, after you cancel and if you want us to return there may be a return to service cost.

You can submit an application here and we will get back to you soon. We will work with you to see if your service, product or event could benefit from the kiosk platform.

To remove a product or service from the platform you must go to your Corp account by logging in here.

To no longer be on the platform you can log on to your Corp account by logging in here and cancel all service offered and you will no longer receive the customers.

You will receive a text message and an email with the details of the service or event you purchased. The vendor offering the service also received information about your purchase.

If you are having problems ask your questions Here

Please let us know by email at Info@GetAmpedPro.com or commenting here.

We are working on a review feature that allows customer to leave their review on the services they receive.

To earn Pro reward points, you must create an AmpedPro Pro account through the kiosk upon purchase. After the account is set up, all you have to do to earn points for your purchases is enter your Phone number upon each purchase. 

Other options to earn points will be coming soon and will include member attendance, hitting PR's and events they attend. Stay tuned for that!


Upon the accumulations of reward points, the Pro account member will receive swag items as well as have other options to redeem their Pro points

Yes, setting up an account with us is super easy. Submit a request through the home page of GetAmpedPro.com or on the top right corner of your screen. 

Here is a how-to video on setting up an account


The kiosk allows you to serve your customers better. 

As a retail location for the AmpedPro  Kiosk, you can earn a commission on things sold through the kiosk. you can also sell items and services through the kiosk in your location or in other locations

You  can  submit  an  application  here  and  we  will  get  back  to  you  soon.  We  will  work  with  you  to  see  if  your  location  could  benefit  from  the  kiosk. 

You can also see this how-to video 

---> https://youtu.be/iOgwWlAnPaU


From each sale of your product or service via the AmpedPro platform, you will see the payment on your AmpedPro corp. account. 

Please email us at Info@GetAmpedPro.com.

Your satisfaction is all that matters to us. 

In your email, please include what you purchased, when you purchased it and what happened

The process to get an account as a Vendor or as a Gym Owner/Retail location starts with the top right of the webpage the "Register" button.

Once you fill out that request form, your request will be reviewed for approval by AmpedPro. Once approved, you will receive an email and you will be able to log in and create a password. 

After login, you can go to the FAQ in your back office account and learn how to do everything from there.

You will also have a contact person from AmpedPro that will assist you along the process.