Your Social Media & Digital Marketing Crash Course

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I don’t care what your business is. In today’s marketing mix, if you are not using Social Media to market to your audience. You are spending too much on marketing.

Is The Customer Always Right… For Your Business?

Maybe you are a service-based business owner that uses services like Groupon to get people in the door. How is that working out for you?

Nothing against Groupon, I use it occasionally, for products I don’t want to pay much for. I would only ask if you think you are targeting the RIGHT type of customer or are you targeting the type that will try your service once, just because it was super cheap and they only way they will try it again through another Groupon type offer.


Race To The Bottom

Conditioning your customer to undervalue your service by using huge discounts services negatively impacts YOUR BRAND.  That my friend, is how your business joins the RACE-TO-THE-BOTTOM of profit margins. Not a fun race to be in at all. Ask any what selling through Wal-Mart or Amazon. Sure you get a high volume of sales of course, but with a lot (and I mean a Lot) of pressure to lower your profit margins.

Target The ‘RIGHT’ Customer

So how do you target the audience that will value the service or products you offer enough to pay you what it are worth?

Simple you have to find them.. Wait, how do you do that? Another easy question through Social Media and Digital Marketing

Here is your overview of the social media channel and how it’s used.

Social media channel Examples Use
Social networks Facebook, LinkedIn  

Hear customer, through their comments, and cheap market research by sending messages to them, or quick polls.

Social for your core group News/Publishing  

Twitter; industry-specific media or blogs. Mailchimp/email marketing


Communicating to your partners and/or customers
Social Knowledge build by customers  

“Answers”; like Yahoo Answers; or an answer sections to a forum- niche communities;

Note: Wikipedia has limited application to marketing


Enabling people to do their product research on an online user forum over reading long product descriptions. -better word of mouth marketing
Streaming and viral video YouTube; Flickr; Vimeo; are all great ways to get your brand out there.  

– Tutorials, entertainment, and reviews. This is a way to  educate and infrom the public about  your product or  service.

– Try Using  “followers” to generate the content for you

– This can save you Big on your Marketing  BUDGET!!  accessing large audience with little investment – normally this would cost you $$$ to reach so many of your target audience

– Use multi-channel and multi-levels to get “Likes” and “Shares”

– Going “viral” – Challenge your viewers- Think of the old “Ice Bucket Challenge” a few years back; key is to be entertaining and engaging

– Being newsworthy – for example, providing very useful information for your audience. This may mean you are not “Selling” your product or service all the time, you may be just providing more value than you are getting paid for (brand building/reinforcing)


Blogs WordPress, Blogger, and many others  

– Getting your message and content out to those interested.

– Save time by getting  freelance influencers to write blogs for you (check of – they can serve as moderators to a growing community

– Inserting links to your website or products or event your social media, which are an important criterion for search engines to find you

–  Think web presence – content is important for search engines to find you- When is the last time you used Google to find something…


Customer Service  

Voting and recommendation sites (do you use reviews to make your decision to purchase a product? I know I sure do!)


Work on getting that 5 star rating – an easy and budget friendly way for getting customer surveys/feedback too.

Reddit; Delicious; YouTube’s “Watch Later” Facebook groups, Instagram followers

Use  “social tagging” and work with your followers to tag your pages to help  with Search Engine Optimization

Here Is The SECRET Marketing HACK…

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