What does it mean to Network as a Business Owner?

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Being waist deep in a startup business myself, I have heard and learned of the importance of “Networking.” I have to say, this means something very different in for a business depending on the stage or phase of your business.

Just getting your business off the ground, it means more of a marketing effort of getting awareness out of what your business does and who you serve.

The next step beyond just getting awareness out about your business is finding who can help you…

Sure it’s a little selfish sounding but when you are scrapping it out to start, you have to start seeing WHO can help you get going.

There is a short-term side of this “who can help you” and a long term-side.

  • For the short term side, it usually a quick return for your self and limited upside for the person or business that is helping you.

  • For the long term side, it is usually about building a relationship with someone that can help you and finding ways to help them.

These long term relationships with other businesses or individuals can pay dividends but may not be as fruitful at the beginning.

So how do you build and maintain these long term relationships?

Nothing takes the place of just being good people to each other as a way to build a relationship. To learn how to be a likable person. I would recommend the book How to win friends and influence people as a good place to start!

Well, of course, I am also going to plug our platform as being a great way to also build, maintain and add value to these business relationships.


Often Business owners find other businesses that we feel comfortable referring our clients to. What our platform does is connects us to these businesses and make it easier than ever to send clients.

Here are the basics of our Network

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