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Those days are long gone when fitness activities or gym programs were geared to only a few enthusiasts. Today, people are well aware of the benefits of exercise and physical activities. As a gym owner or coach, however, you probably have a clear idea that only a select group of members will stick with their active membership all the way to end up reaching their fitness goals.


As a gym goer myself, I often see people go through the enrollment cycle that takes place in gyms This is where new members sign up and disappear after  only a few weeks. This often happens when the new member doesn’t see considerate fitness results right away. If you are a gym coach, owner, or a fitness geek, you probably have witnessed a lot of people in the gym who start out with a lot of enthusiasm, only to stop going after a short time.

This may lead to you thinking your gym lacks the facilities, services or support to help better retain your members. Most gyms or fitness centers often have a cardio theatre, weights area, outdoor training space, group exercise room, advanced weight space, change room, lockers, and free parking. But having all these facilities may not be enough to combat a drop in new gym recruits or members. Of late, Group fitness gyms has been doing a great job in creating a small tight fitness community, that helps to retain memberships. However, even these group fitness gyms face the same gym member retention issues as larger gyms.

So, how to turn your gym into a one-stop-shop to support your member’s healthy lifestyle? Well, follow this article and learn more about engaging your gyms members while providing them with a healthy lifestyle.

Why Do People fail at the Gym?

Setting aside the equipment, adequate coach’s guidance, and other gym facilities, one thing that most gym members ignore- or simply don’t understand, is a healthy diet. You as their coach are likely recommending good diet practices, meal plans, and other things to your gym members, but do they really follow it? Or what if they can’t find the specified ingredients or food items easily? Or what if they are just too busy to research, go shopping and prepare for themselves all the food and nutrition you recommend for them? As a gym coach, you must be well aware that a healthy meal plan is crucial to a healthy active lifestyle. However, many on the path to a healthy lifestyle often get the most frustrated when it comes to the dieting portion and give up.

Easy and convenience goes a long way when it comes to eating healthy. There are far too many unhealthy options that are way to easy out there. The easier it is for the member the successful they will be.

Quality Unique Facilities Leads to High Engagement

Only a handful of people stay connected and maintain an active membership to a certain gym or fitness center for years and years. Often, these short-term members go through gym membership cycles due to the frustration of not seeing progress. Are you looking to keep your members engaged and maintain their memberships longer at your gym? Well, many fitness centers and gyms are connecting with meal preparation services to deliver quality meals to their gym members. This is not a new concept of gym working with local meal prep service to help support their members with nutrition. If this is the first you heard of this kind of partnership, you may be a good deal behind other gyms in your area.

A coach or trainer can serve as an influencer to the gym members. When it comes to health advice, the credibility or influence of a trainer for most members, helps them achieve their goals. Having the resources available helps to support members all along their fitness journey.

Believe it or not, gym coaches are the biggest source of health information to most gym members. They look to you to hear advice to reach their fitness goals. So not having affiliated your gym to a meal preparation service, not only shortchanges you members, but you are possibly missing out on another source of revenue.

(AmpedPro Kiosks)

Reasons Why a Meal Prep vendor Channel Is Crucial for Your Gym

Meal preparation and delivery service channels like AmpedPro are specifically made to facilitate gym members focus on their fitness goals instead of worrying about their meal plan. AmpedPro makes it easy for your members to easily order a healthy meal and diet options. The meal prep vendors that work with AmpedPro are able to match up your members with healthy and all natural diet options such as what is listed below:

  • High protein fish, plant, or animal-based meals
  • Complete meal plans for the whole week or month
  • Serving the right amount of macros
  • Members can customize their meal per low carb or high protein
  • Meals available recommended by your personal fitness trainer

Products and services readily available = Member engagement

The AmpedPro kiosk is a panel for easy access from everything from meal prep ordering and delivering service, in-gym product sales, package health deals from sport health providers to an online store for products and apparel. The minimal space touch screen kiosk truly makes your gym a one-stop-shop for your member’s health related needs.

This is where AmpedPro comes in handy. You are probably an important force of influence to your well-deserved gym members. Here is how the AmpedPro kiosk turns your gym into a one-stop-shop for health and nutrition products and services. It creates an easy way for you to direct your members to get access to all the resources they need. For example, you no longer have to tell your customers about a product and tell them to go get it off amazon (and loose the commission from your recommendation), you can just say “use our in-gym kiosk here to get it.

Moreover, the self-checkout Kiosk helps gym members order themselves without relying on the gym owner or coach to order anything for them. Sounds good? Learn more about how AmpedPro can help your gym members adopt a healthy lifestyle here.


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