Three Strategies For Retaining Gym Memberships

Gym Owners

At the beginning of the year, the gym business is booming! Everyone is busy trying to keep up with their New Years’ resolutions, and the membership at your gym is higher than it is at any other time of the year.


The only problem is, it usually doesn’t last. February shows up, and one by one, your members’ resolutions fall to the wayside, and you’re left with the same size list you had in December plus or minus a few. How do you keep them engaged, and interested, and willing to turn a New Years’ resolution into a healthy habit overhaul?


Make Your Gym Social


If there’s one thing that keeps people coming back to anything, again and again, it’s relationships. 

Think about it. It’s even at the core of the most basic workout advice: work out with a friend. Have an accountability partner. There have even been studies that show people who work out with partners create healthier habits and stick with their workout regimens longer.

So how do you create these relationships in your gym? The step is to make sure that there are events on your gym’s schedule that encourage members to be social with one another. Whether those are classes, equipment tutorials, or simply hosting a gym-wide social each month, the key is to give your members the chance to talk to each other. Being together in the same space isn’t enough – create situations where they can talk to each other!

Keep Your Eye On Numbers


You’ve heard it a million times: Knowledge is power. In this case, knowledge of your attendance rates is power! Keep an eye on weekly attendance rosters, and identify members whose attendance rates are dropping. Encourage them to pick up attendance by offering them incentives like discounts on special services like personal training, or offer a free water bottle or gym bag in exchange for a number of consecutive attended sessions.

Get creative, but most of all, get knowledgeable – the key to keeping high-risk members is knowing who they are!

Start A Membership Rewards Program


In the last section, we talked about the power of incentives for members who have flagging attendance rates. If you’d like to cut that off at the pass, though, there’s an option that targets your entire gym.

If you offer a rewards program – in which members collect points for attending, and redeem them for prizes – then you will see your retention rates rise. Members will feel like they’re working towards a tangible reward, and come in more regularly to meet their goal!



Normally, implementing that kind of program is expensive, but a new solution – AmpedPro – is offering a membership rewards system that is completely free to the user. All you do is sign up to get a touch screen kiosk, and it controls everything else.

Your members earn their points by purchasing products and services, through the kiosk. All of which you earn a commission on!

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