Social Media Marketing- Control It Early

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Why are so many people businesses talking about and using Social Media Marketing? Well here are a few reasons why marketing on social media is so popular:

  • it’s super cheap

  • it’s a form of recommendation through people you know or are acquainted with (the new word of mouth)

  • it can be viral

  • it can be distributed quickly and highly efficiently

  • the cost can be very low and can help you reach the right audience.

Risks Of Social Media

The challenge is the backward communication from customers directed to your company.

Communication from your customer or the general public can get overwhelming if your product(s) have any problems, or the company itself faces a PR issue. If you don’t control the situation and communication, the brand and reputation you built over years could be destroyed in hours.

The trick is finding the right online digital platform and focusing it.

Online Platforms For Your Social Media Mix

Here are some of the main  digital marketing platforms:

  • Social networks: Facebook and Twitter are known to be the largest social networks, However LinkedIn for business use, and can help with connecting directly to professionals.
  • StreamingYouTube is now more widely used than FaceBook. People love to watch videos and little films. In addition to YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr are also big-time players for video streaming services. Facebook
  • Knowledge bases sites: Wikipedia, Q&A sites, and other sites can help consumers understand products, services or general information on how your company or your products work.
  • Blogging:  With blogging, you can provide a place that people can participate and read the message from your company. Also, you can look at RSS feed for the same type of option. Blogs are great ways of communicating your message out to your followers or potential customers.


Setting Up A Social Media Plan

Setting up a social media plan is important to reach and communicate with customers and potential customers are important for a companies success. If you can designate a media manager who can talk to the community, somebody who is interested in participating in engaging with your customer base and audience.

Social Marketing Management Platforms

Take a look at social media control center systems like Hootsuite, a system that helps you to distribute one message on dozens of media platforms. With this, you file your message once and it is distributed everywhere. Control the feedback that is coming from the crowd and reintegrates which is useful.



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