‘SHOW LOVE,’ increase gym sales

Gym Owners

Motivating your coaches to help in gym sales.

It’s not easy to motivate your gym staff to help with in-gym sales. Ironically, coaches have a great deal of influence on your gym clients, yet it is challenging to drive and track sales associated with each coach.

Our Kiosk service can help!!

Introducing the “Show Love” feature. This allows gym managers to track in-gym sales on the kiosk. “What gets measured, gets done!” When you can monitor what your coaches do, you can get them to want to do more.

Other vendors selling their products or services on the kiosk, can see which coaches do the best job promoting and selling their products. This allows the vendor to give coupons and swag items to the coaches.

Check this out to see why this is the case->

Here is how it works

  1. Your coaches first create a customer account, and you can invite them to become a coach
  2. Once the invite is sent out, your coach will get an email and log on and accept the coach invite
  3. Once accepted, the coach can add a picture to their profile


Here is how the coach sets this up.

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