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Referrals are always desired leads for a small business! Lately, I have been bombarded by advertisements  from marketing companies for “funnel campaigns” as a way to “get quality leads.”
Instead of throwing money at some online campaign to generate leads, how about working with your existing network and strengthen it?

We are looking to have our platform be a network of small businesses in the health and fitness industry. Not only do I want to make it easier for your business to operate and increase your revenue, but I want it to be easier for you to work with other vendors and partners you may already work with.

For this reason, we are want to bring on any and all vendors you work with.  We are rolling out our micro kiosk to vendors gyms work with. This will allow these vendors to not only offer their services or products in the gym, but most of these vendors could also qualify for a smaller kiosk of their own, where they can offer your services to their clients.

Here is how it works

This creates the network effect or ecosystem of small businesses in the health and fitness industry sending clients to each other.

This is what will go out to vendors
We are working with a new referral platform( ) and I would like to have your services available so that our members can start purchasing your services right from the in-gym kiosk.

Here is a short explainer on how it works ->

I would like to introduce you to AmpedPro”



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