How To Engage Your Gym Members

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As a  gym owner, coach or trainer, you should be looking for innovative ways to promote fitness from where you are currently located. Successfully convincing people that physical fitness contributes greatly to their overall well-being paves the way for increased gym sales as well as health club memberships.

It is very important to know how to engage your members, as well as providing them access to standard exercise equipment located in your gym. By so doing, your gym sales will surely increase.

In this blog post, I will discuss with you tips on how to engage your gym members.

  • Get Your Members Past Their First Three Months Training

A lot of people start a gym membership because they want to completely redefine themselves. Unfortunately, more than 70% of these people will quit after some weeks of going to the gym. But the people that are training frequently reach success and then enthusiastically tell their friends about it.

As a gym owner, how do you get your members past their first three months training? Here are some tips that will help your members stay training for three months or more.

  1. Encourage Them To Set Good Goals:

    Most of the times when customers come into your facility, they haven’t set proper goals. Goals should be specific, realistic, achievable, measurable and time-bound. Some client comes with the intention of losing weight and not losing 10 lbs of body weight in the next three months.

The realistic aspect of the goal setting is to start it really small. You should let them know that, having big goals will only frustrate them in the long run. They need to change one behavior at a time.

Encourage them to write their goals down, as there is magic behind a written goal.


  1. Enlighten Them On How To Deal With Setbacks:

    The line to their goals won’t be straight. The sooner they accept this and learn to deal with setback it will help them. The training that they will be doing are not full of new personal records, in fact sometimes they may feel setbacks in what they are actually able to do physically. Encourage them not to beat themselves up about it, as these setbacks are simply one of the aspects of the game that they all have to play. Accepting the setback immediately will help them to move on.

  2. Quitting Makes Nothing Better:

    As the gym/fitness expert, it is necessary to let your members know that quitting can be a reasonable response, because everyone gets frustrated, and finds excuses. The funny thing about excuses is that they are all sound reasonable to the person giving them. They should remember that they have started going to the gym because they had a goal. They want to get in better shape or get healthier, therefore, quitting will not help them achieve these goals.


  • Get Them Focused On Nutrition

A nutrition program is the biggest value add we can do at our gyms beyond training to really help maximize results for our customers. This is especially true since a big part for members join your gym  is for body composition and performance changes. Getting them focused on nutrition will help achieve their goals.

Exercise and nutrition are like wheels on a bike. If you got one wheel that is completely flat, the system doesn’t work that well. Sure you might set the bike moving a little, but it will go slow, be unstable and frustrate the crap out of you! While functional fitness gyms are leading the charge in how great training is done, nutrition is still a bit of a hit or miss for various reasons.

Gym owners are beginning to also now integrate a higher level of nutrition support to close the loop for their clients.  You can encourage them to eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking in the morning, 30 grams of protein at lunch etc. They can track all of the protein they are eating throughout the day and hit their protein intake of which would essentially double their protein intake.

Another option is to work with a local Meal Prep company to offer their products to your members. Have them come in and explain the meals and maybe do some sampling.


  • How To Celebrate Small Victories

Simply being aware of where you are at in your current stage of development is essential to fully understand this process of gratitude. Being honest with how far you have come, and what still needs improvement is a sign of a healthy mind as well as body. Remember the small things that are going well in your life, and acknowledging them will help you see a lot of success in your personal life.  Remember this, ‘if you take care of the little things, the big things won’t matter.’ Celebrating small victories helps to manage the small activities and add to the overall success of big victories.

  • What If They Start Getting Out Of Their Routine?

Try to encourage them to work out during a time that works for them. They should make it their goal to wake up in the morning, or they can come straight from their working place.  Whatever routine that works for them.

Help the member do more activities outside of a normal workout. Change things up on them. Keep them interested with new types of workouts. However, if there is something they are good at doing, help them to perfect it and let them now they are doing it well. Occasionally brag about what they do that they do to perfection and make sure they hear you bragging about it.

Lastly, they should find an accountability partner as someone they have to report to if they flake out on their exercise routine. This can be you as a trainer or you can encourage them to invite a friend to come with them to the gym.

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