How The AmpedPro Kiosk Platform Can Increase Your Revenue

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Few industries are as crowded today as the health and fitness industry. With a seemingly endless number of new gyms and wellness-minded companies from chiropractic & sports medicine to supplements and apparel stores popping up everywhere, it can be difficult for business owners to determine the best avenues for finding new potential customers.

Challenges with finding the right customers

To make things even more difficult, the adoption of innovative new methods like targeted digital advertising can be confusing and time-consuming, which can make health and fitness-minded entrepreneurs want to just through their hands up in the air and give up when it comes to target marketing today’s fitness enthusiasts.

A new channel!

Thankfully, the dedicated team behind the new AmpedPro kiosk platform recognized the difficulties associated with marketing to new customers in today’s ever-changing marketplace. To solve this problem, they created a custom kiosk from the ground up, specially designed with the goal of enabling small businesses focused on health-minded products or services to reach potential customers at their favorite local gym.

Why Should My Small Business Join The AmpedPro Network?

From professional chiropractors and massage therapists to innovative businesses pursuing cryotherapy treatments and on-demand meal prep solutions, every small company in the health and wellness industry faces a similar problem. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find potential customers and turn them into dedicated regulars, regardless of how great the product or service.


To address this issue, AmpedPro has created digital kiosks tailor-made for the fitness industry. With a prime location in partner gyms, these kiosks are able to display targeted advertising that entices fitness enthusiasts to interact with the platform. From here, users are able to explore dozens of great products and services and can purchase their next massage or meal-prep delivery on the spot.


How Does AmpedPro Encourage Gym-Goers to Try My Product or Service?


Gym-goers are encouraged to try businesses with the AmpedPro network through participating in a rewards program that has been specially made for today’s fitness enthusiast. As it was designed to encourage gym members to engage with their local fitness community, through specialized offers and or swag items they can’t find anywhere else.


Gym owners, coaches, and trainers are also a key factor in customer engagement with the AmpedPro platform. AmpedPro partners with the gym to create a kind of One-Stop-Shop for their gym members, from the kiosk the members get all their health and wellness needs met. The gym and its staff are incentivized to recommend products and service through the kiosk. This is what it means to be a part of the AmpedPro network.


Such incentives and engagement, not only have the potential to drive new customers to your business but more importantly, convert them into well-paying and dedicated long-term clients.


Leverage AmpedPro To Drive New Customers To Your Product Or Service Today

As we have seen, there are numerous benefits associated with adding your product or service offerings to the AmpedPro network. Our innovative fitness kiosks allow your business to access the niche market of today’s dedicated athletes at their local gyms, which just so happens to be one of their favorite hangout spots.


Best of all, we here at AmpedPro pride ourselves in offering the best customer experience for those who choose to interact with our kiosks. This means that potential new customers for your business will be greeted by a wonderful kiosk experience, which can only be improved upon once they have the opportunity to experience your fantastic product or service firsthand.


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