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Using social media platforms like Facebook Groups to engage with your following has long been the easiest and cheapest way to effectively engage an online community. However, changes to these social media platforms have negatively impacted an influencer’s or brand managers ability to communicate and engage with their following. In addition to that, the negative light that social media platforms have received around privacy, transparency, and integrity of recent, has caused many users to be disengaged. Many businesses and influencers are searching for a NEW WAY to engage and even monetize their following.

Follower Engagement is Harder and Harder to Achieve

More and more content that influencers and businesses create are getting lost in the sea of the News Feed. It is a saturated market place where everyone and their mom tries to create click bait, fake news and downright trigger content to get people to click the link or give a comment. This has been such a problem, that Facebook has finally been forced to act. their weapon of choice to deal with this mess, the  EdgeRank algorithm to work out which posts to show to whom.

EdgeRank and all social media algorithms are always evolving and usually, it is negatively impacting how your post is seen by your followers. Recently, this algorithm has impacted group content. Now when you create a facebook group post, it can end up only reach a small percentage of your audience in that group. Talk about frustrating, when you spend so much time building your following with engaging and exciting content it seems the only way to communicate with them is to pay for your post to be seen by the following you build.

Challenge of monetization

What has gotten you to this point with the following you have gathered, has been your countless hours creating content and learning what your audience wants. Now that you have thousands, if now millions of followers on these social media platforms, the struggle is monetizing them. If you are an influencer, this has been done traditionally through advisements, sponsored posts, banner ads (on your website) and affiliate links. If you are a business owner, the challenge for you is to get your following to make a purchase. On many social media platforms, it is difficult to monetize this without it costing you.

Subject to the platform

It’s easy to see why so many are frustrated with the direction of Facebook and other social media platforms has headed. One thing to remember is that these platforms are owned, controlled and monetized by someone other than the users. Influencers, brands and business owners have created much of the content drove so many people to the platform in the first place. Now, these influencers and brands have limited access to those that they have built a relationship with through their content and branding efforts. It is no longer up to the user of the platform to control the content they see, but the great and powerful social media equivalent of  Oz. However, when you pull back that curtain, you will only find a very pale Mark Zuckerberg typing away code into the Facebook algorithm.

It’s amazing that Brands and Influencers have been able to amass the followers that they do. Most of the detailed follower demographic information is kept from them. these influencers have been working on “likes” gut feelings over hardcore data. The social platforms use this information as currency, so they keep it close to their chest. This makes it difficult to fully understand one’s target segment and the following community as a whole.
There has been a natural shift away from traditional social media platforms. This is due to the challenges that these influencers and brands face, along with the distrust that many have with large social platforms.

It is for this reason that AmpedPro has developed its platform. Engage your followers directly, control the content your followers see and learn how to easily monetize your followers. Follow the AmpedPro Journey at GetAmpedPro.com for more information on how you can better retain, understand and monetize your followers.

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