3 Effective Ways to Grow Your Meal Prep and Catering Business

Meal Prep & Catering

If you own a catering or meal prep business, there are greater chances that you have an extraordinary passion for food and enthusiasm to serve people the best dishes that stand out. Food management and delivery service is an ever-evolving industry worth billions in the United States alone.

Instead of taking the time to find ingredients, look for the relevant recipe, and prep food while hoping for a positive outcome similar to the restaurant customers frequent, people are turning to meal prep companies for their healthy meal option.

Although, the advent of modern technology and the use of mobile phones has changed the way consumers engage with a food management service. Traditional marketing tactics to grow your catering or meal prep business may not contribute to the same growth as it did years ago.

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If you are looking to grow your catering service and food delivery business, this post might be the most useful piece of information you are reading this morning, afternoon, evening, or night (maybe the week, month and year too!). We have listed the 3 most effective ways to grow any food management business that works!

Step 1: Determine Targeted Audience

Define your goals. An ideal audience for any food management company would be business owners, marketers, and other professionals with a tight schedule. Note that your targeted audience must have a few hundred dollars of disposable income to spend on your services. An individual with a moderate income would consider hiring a meal prep company.

You may find such professionals at accounting companies, software firms, law firms, corporate offices and more. These official spaces are filled with tons of people looking to ease their schedule and order ingredients or the food itself.

Step 2: Compile an Engaging Menu

You may know your business 10 times better than your audience but presenting the right information at the right time and place is crucial to higher customer engagement. Divide your specialties into certain niches as follows:

1.     Calorie Counters

These are calorie restricted meal specifically made for weight concerned food eaters. People craving for marvelous bites while still watching for the number of calories they consumer daily would love to have a separate section of food counters.

2.     Paleo Dieters

Paleo dieters prefer natural food items like veggies, steak, fish, meat, and fruit instead of cereals, bread, grains, and other artificial food items. In simple words, the paleo diet includes food items people used to eat before the agricultural revolution.

Paleo diet is a popular yet growing segment of the food industry. Thereby, having a dedicated section for paleo dieters at your menu also ensure higher customer engagement.

3.     Raw Foodists

Many meal prep marketers often confuse paleo dieters with raw foodists. While paleo dieters prefer nutritious meals in any form, raw foodists only eat food in its raw form. This may include fish, veggies, fruit, and more. Make sure to organize a separate section for raw foodists as listing these food items besides cooked food items can offend some consumers.

4.     Vegetarian/Vegans

Vegetarians fall into several categories. While some vegetarians only eat plant-based food, others would also prefer animal products and eggs. Thereby, it is important to keep both types of audiences around while presenting delicious bites to satisfy their cravings. Note that some vegans won’t even accept food made in a kitchen where animal food items have been prepared or cooked.

These were the main food segments popular worldwide and would probably cover most of your food items. However, if you offer unique meal prep or catering services, make sure to conduct thorough research of your niche and audiences’ interests to come with the best yet engaging menu.

Once you have compiled a menu, figured out the prices, margins, and delivery charges (optional in case of catering business), this is the right time to hit the market.

Step 3: Select an Ideal Platform to Market Your Products

As discussed earlier, you are more likely to find success by targeting busy professionals, this presents a challenge as it wouldn’t be an easy task to engage these consumers in the first go-around, especially if you can’t find a way to look differentiate your service and products your competitors. ‘Food marketing’ is best done by word of mouth! Sure of you had the budget you can create some amazing ‘Food-porn’ advertisements to show your potential customers. That gets costly pretty quick!  However, Word of mouth can work a lot like a celebrity endorsement – As long as the mouth has credibility.

So, where can you find these credible ‘celebrity-ish’ word-of-mouth endorsements? Many business owners and marketers incentivize customer referrals, while some make use of social media marketing.

Social media is one of the leading marketing tactics to reach your targeted audience. And the best part about social media is its vast set of credible influencers. Finding the right influencers to market your product and spread the ‘word’ about your service, can rocket boost your meal prep business.

How to Choose the Right Influencer to Market Your Product/Service?

Many people get confused while selecting and pursuing the right influencer to create brand awareness. Well, an ideal influencer is the one who is familiar among your targeted audience and your niche at the same time. An influencer must hold the credibility as well as ‘moral authority’ to suggest your product/service to the audience.

“Wait, I just want to sell my product what do I care about the ‘more authority’ of someone recommending my product?” Great question!! First, think of ‘Moral Authority’ as a higher form of credibility. Take for example your product, you make a healthy meal option. Think of this example, I hear from my out-of-shape drinking buddy that he and his wife are starting to try your healthy meal prep service. I say ‘great, let me know how they work for ya.’ Now I hear from my trainer/coach at the gym to try your meal service because of the nutrition and great taste. My coaches recommendation carries a little more weight (or moral authority)  then my buddy,  because of the lifestyle each my coach lives (no offense Jim).

When it comes to the healthy food options, your influencer should be the example or resident expert of healthy products to promote it to your targeted audience.

A credible gym coach would serve the best channel to market your product. But how do you get these gym coaches/trainers to promote your service?  The current practice performed my countless meal prep and catering companies are to visit local gyms themselves and promote their service by handing out samples. They try to leave flyers with a discount to get customers to order form their website.

An Easy Way to Market Your Products: Amped Pro

If you are not much of marketing savvy small business owner, and you are a little frustrated with the whole process on;

  1. Getting customers to try your products and
  2. Getting customers to get on your website and finally order your products (over and over)

Do I have your attention yet?

Worry no more because AmpedPro provides an easy way to reach the gym coaches/trainer influencers and get them to encourage their members to order your products in an easy way right there in the gym. AmpedPro partner with gyms, vendors, and small businesses to provide high-end service to gym members. Learn more about how it works by clicking  here.

Here is the basic run down how AmpedPro works with our gym partners



Final Verdict

Overall, the Healthy meal prep market is not the same as it was a few years ago. There are so many competitors out there now, you must keep pace with the evolving marketing tactics to reach your target market before your competitor does.

You focus on your product, target customer and process and let a Partner like AmpedPro help you create a channel straight to your target customer with great customer experience. AmpedPro comes in handy when you can that word of mouth to convert to a sale with the use of their in-gym commerce kiosk.

AmpedPro will help you present the right products in front of the right audience to engage your target consumers and increase sales. In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to visit Amped Pro.

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