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Welcome back from the brink!

The last few months felt like a fight that didn’t go my way. The beginning of Covid19 felt like someone pushed me down the stairs (first round of shutdowns). Then as I tried to get up from that, it felt like someone came by and kicked me in the back of the head sending me face-first into the ground. (second round of shutdowns

Well, I am still a little sore, but I am ready and excited to get things going again! While all this was going across the world. My team and I have been working.

What have we been working on you ask?

Our kiosk feature is a great first rollout, but that is only the first feature of our offering. The Kiosk allows for a self-service Point of Sale for in location retail. It also allows location owners -those that host the kiosk in their business- to feature other businesses services products and more right from the kiosk. Creating a service network of local businesses

The kiosk has been a great test retail host had seen an increase in sales. and with our coupon feature retailers are seeing ways to help increase sales in addition to the growing sales that they’ve seen.

So when you’re asking what’s next we’ve been deciding on how to help increase the touchpoint with your clients and we’ve been working on our mobile application.

This mobile application will allow for contactless retail, your customers will be able to scan in location retail items from their phone and charge it to their account. In addition, your customers will be able to purchase services order products and keep in contact with you from the mobile application this now allows you to sell products and services to your clients even when they’re not in front of you at the retail location! Thus increasing the touchpoint you have with your customers.

This mobile app will be released to a few beta locations shortly. is beta locations will help us clean up any issues we find and get it ready for all locations to be able to utilize the mobile application.

In short, the mobile application with the use of the kiosk will make selling products and services much easier for you, your clients will be able to have a lot more options available and you will be able to earn a lot more commissions from sales of products and services you don’t necessarily offer yourself but you partner with other businesses to offer.


Featured “How to”

How to add and list products your account


When you want to add a product or service to your kiosk so that your customers can purchase it simply log onto your account at

There are two steps to be able to add a product and have it available for your customers to buy.

Step 1:

From your account on click on “my products” and click the green “Add product” button.

from here you’ll fill out the name of the product or service the category type the price, the quantity you will put as many as possible, I usually play “9999”  and any other information you want to fill out about the product in your click save.

Step 2:

next, click on retail and click “assigned products.”   Click on the select a product dropdown the latest product you created will be at the very bottom. Select that product and then enter an amount under the “allocated quantity” and click assigned

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