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This week’s AmpedPro Gym spotlight is nonother than TruHIT Fitness, an Arizona-based gym. It has 7 valley locations in and around the state of Arizona. They provide High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT to their members. The gym trainers and staff are experienced to guide you through the fitness regime.

The great thing about TruHIT Fitness is that they provide bi-monthly “4-Week Free Fitness Challenge” to its members. Isn’t it just incredible? Yes, indeed and it makes this gym widely popular among its customers. Another praiseworthy thing about the gym is that they offer childcare for the mothers, shower facilities, and nutrition bar. Their location based at Tempe does not have childcare facility but possess its own personal health and wellness center. The members who stay there or at any other location are family to TruHIT Fitness gym.

Insight into the TruHIT Fitness Features

TruHIT Fitness does not only work for member retention but loves its members. They work with their clients to achieve their fitness goals. They have rightly proven that the days of working alone are over. Here, at their gym, you can do workout according to your physical requirements. The gym believes in helping their customers by setting their goals, encouraging them to work upon it, supporting them in dealing with the setbacks.

Unlimited Membership

If I talk about their membership, then it is one-of-its-kind. They offer unlimited membership to the customers that include:

  • Unlimited classes related to fitness camps
  • You can come frequently to the classes as many time you desire
  • The gym also provides meal planning and nutrition coaching to the members for inclusion in their healthy diet
  • Value monthly rates as well as drop-in visits

Acknowledge their Free Fit Camp Challenge

Here the gym pushes your limits to help you see amazing changes in your body within 4 weeks. This bi-monthly “4-Week Free Fit Camp Challenge” by TruHIT Fitness involves the following:

  • You receive fitness coaching and evaluation by the trained instructors
  • Get unlimited attendance to their daily fit camps
  • The great thing is the members can win the first, second, and third prize for multiple categories
  • The members will be astonished to see full body transformation in these 4 weeks
  • Their meal planning is unique as they provide their members with supplementation too

Other gyms could take note from this concept. It gets new members in, supported and engaged. I would imagine it would be hard to walk away after your start seeing and feeling results.

TruHIT Fitness fit camp challenge works in the following way:

  • The customers will be provided 2 orientation times at their 7 locations
  • You will receive the details and rules set for this challenge at this orientation program
  • Here, you also have to complete your Physical assessment so it is advisable to come in the workout clothes.

A Gym Member Community That Goes Beyond  Workout 

When you are a member of the TruHIT community you are more than just a paying customer. You are a part of a supportive team. Often the members do races together like the SPARTAN race and the gym staff are there to support them and of course, get some epic action shots. Events like this create moments that the members remember for years to come.

The staff helps each member make fitness plans and help them along with their fitness journey. The member community helps to encourage and support each other along the way.

Schedule Your Classes with TruHIT Fitness

If you are willing to join TruHIT Fitness club, then you can schedule your classes according to the days and timings. The best thing about these classes is that you receive a combination of the dumbbell and body weight exercises that keeps you fit and healthy throughout. The customers can check out the weekly schedule along with the timings at their official site.

With locations around the Phoenix valley like North Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Central Scottsdale, Norterra, Scottsdale Airpark,  etc. There are locations near you to drop in and give it a shot.

Final Words

TruHIT Fitness is an amazing health and wellness workout center that not only helps its clients to follow a total fitness regime but certainly boost their confidence too. You would love to become part of this extended family that has provided a different outlook to the gym regime. They will carve out a fitness path for you that is worth a shot. You will not regret spending your valuable time and money at this Arizona-based gym.

I found the owners and staff at TruHIT to be a great group of people. Learn more at


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