AmpedPro Gym Spotlight AZ-CrossFit PHX-Of South Scottsdale

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AmpedPro, -your gyms One-Stop-Shop for health and wellness- is pleased to showcase this week’s AmpedPro gym Spotlight, CrossFit PHX, located in south Scottsdale. As you will see, we are not the first to recognize this CrossFit gym for the great programs they run and the fitness community they have formed.

More than just a Workout

Providing members with a fitness experience that is more than a workout class can be a challenge for a gym. It’s easy to get a group of people to sweat and send them on their way.

CrossFit PHX seems to master the concept of adding value to the health and fitness journey of their members.

Added value services for members

When members join a  gym, especially a CrossFit gym, they expect to receive a quality physical fitness program.

These workout programs are crucial for helping the members meet their short-term and even long-term fitness goals. Over time, however, what keeps member coming back to the gym, is what they receive in addition to what they expected and paid for.

For CrossFit PHX, providing a great fitness experience is the foundation of what they offer.

The additional value comes from their gym community (and what the members do for each other), the add-on services CF PHX offers to assist the members in their fitness journey, and the positive impact the gym community itself has had with the greater community.

Any gym that wants to know how to offer, not only a great fitness experience but a whole health solution, can take note from CrossFit PHX and how they partner with other health and wellness businesses to add greater value to their members.

CrossFit PHX

As their training philosophy, CrossFit PHX focus’ on working on the fundamentals of the movements before working on intensity. Think of the saying ‘Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.’ When the fundamentals are mastered, a member is able to increase the intensity safely.

Classes offered.

Class sizes are kept small and exclusive. The member athletes to get the individual attention they need to accomplish their goals. This is done while maintaining that peer motivation found in a group session. Personal training sessions are also offered.

The Coach/training staff prides themselves on attention to detail with regards to their strength and conditioning programs. The goal of their programs is to achieve progress for the member athletes.

PHX Programs

Of course, CrossFit classes are offered at CrossFit PHX. In addition, there are open Gyms times, individual/personal training, nutrition coaching, meal prep, Massage therapy, Clinics and seminars, Yoga in affiliation with Core Power Yoga.

What separates CrossFit PHX from other gyms?

First, how many CrossFit boxes (gyms) do you know were ranked #1 CrossFit box in America 2017 by Men’s Journal? Well CrossFit PHX sure was! In 6 years they have become widely known in the south Scottsdale community, creating an environment of legitimate training and fostering a community of members helping and looking out for each other. The community helps the greater Phoenix Metro areas as well, through things like blood drives, toy drives and helping local food banks.

Owner Mycal Anders has an extensive fitness background, including a master’s degree in fitness and conditioning. He is also the authored two books (The Manifestation of Affirmation available on Amazon & “Inner Circle: Focus & Fulfillment Habits of the Enlightened” due out in March 2019) and co-hosts the Feed Me Fuel Me Podcast. In addition all that, he is a veteran of the US Marine Corps.


We would encourage any members of CrossFit PHX to leave a comment about what they like about their gym. If you have any question about CrossFit PHX, please leave a comment below.

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