AmpedPro Gym Spotlight- CROSSFIT OBSESSION – Mesa, AZ

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AmpedPro,-Your gyms One-Stop-Shop for health and wellness products/services, is pleased to showcase this week’s AmpedPro gym Spotlight CrossFit Obsession, located on the border with Queen Creek in  Mesa AZ.

When it comes to choosing a gym, we’re all ultimately looking for the same features: Somewhere where we can get a good workout and that will help us reach our fitness goals.

Bonus points if the gym environment is someplace we actually enjoy going to. One gym that offers excellent service and helps you get to that next level of fitness is CrossFit Obsession.  CrossFit Obsession isn’t just a gym or CrossFit box, it’s a community of support that helps you on your fitness journey! reasons CrossFit Obsession achieve continuous success in their business.

Here are some of the key reason CF Obsession successfully helps their members along health and fitness journey.

Focused Obsession

CrossFit Obsession takes pride in delivering top-notch fitness services that exceed the offerings of the average gym. They focus on form, proper training regimens, developing sustainable lifestyle habits, and of course community. CrossFit Obsession which was founded in 2013, formed a team that is driven to coach their members in healthy habits. These habits not only change the member’s lives, but the lives of their children as well. They nurture a community of positive and hard-working people, striving to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

A welcoming environment, all skill levels will feel comfortable at Crossfit Obsession. So what are you waiting for!



Classes Offered at Crossfit Obsession

CrossFit Obsession offers a wide variety of programs ranging from CrossFit, weightlifting, strike, sweat, and classes for kids. The game based programming for youth, at CrossFit Obsession, provides fun fitness activities. This is a great alternative to the TV and video games -anything to get the kids off Fornite.  These programs get kids actively moving and teaches them the fundamentals of health and fitness.


Personalized Services

Besides general group classes offered at CrossFit Obsession. There are also personalized services offered to individuals in order to help them achieve their goal. The personalized services include:- personal training, childcare, and nutrition guidance. This helps the members during their workout and all the rest of the time with their not at the gym making healthier choices.

The Invite

If you are in the area and would like to get your fitness back on track, or take it to the next level, look up CrossFit Obsession and tell them AmpedPro sent you. They welcome all fitness levels from the never-worked-out couch potato that wants to make some changes, to the athlete looking for a new challenge.

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Located at:

7931 E Pecos Rd, # 150
Mesa, Arizona 85212

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