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AmpedPro,-Your gyms One-Stop-Shop for health and wellness products/services, is pleased to showcase this week’s AmpedPro gym Spotlight Copperhead CrossFit, is located in Central Phoenix at McDowell Road and Route 51. Copperhead puts its own twist on CrossFit that makes its programs unique, engaging and fun.

Copperhead is an independently owned and operated gyms provide a lot of advantages to the gym goers. They receive a great CrossFit experience with the community of other members, and along with the individual attention of the trainers helping them.

I really enjoyed learning how the owner’s personalities and the management style create these unique CrossFit communities. You should really check out some of the multimedia this gym has produced really top notch! I hope you will check them out in Phoenix and tell them that AmpedPro sent you!

Copperhead  Program

Copperhead provides small group training with classes of about 10 people. They do this to ensure that the coaches are able to watch and assist each participant’s form and correct (and encourage) if necessary.

Each customer receives individual attention which can’t be achieved in classes of 40-50 people. “We feel that that makes us unique in that we stick to our bread and butter, rather than offering an overwhelming number of watered down offshoots.” I think if you are looking for a group CrossFit experience and getting the instructor’s guidance to you reach your set goals, Copperhead is the place for you!

Classes Offered

Copperhead offers strictly CrossFit. That makes them unique in that they stick to one service, rather than offering a variety of classes. This is what keeps their clients coming back and referring them to their friends.

Copperhead Experience

They pride themselves in proving the best possible experience for their community. Copperhead is unique for many reasons.  Copperheads philosophy is based around the gym being a  standard of health and a compass to find a balance between their clients physical, emotional and mental states.

Their instructors truly care about each individual and they do their best to make sure their client’s goals are met. Their program is designed to be engaging, exciting and to deliver results. At Copperhead, they are a community of friends and not strangers. At Copperhead, there’s fun, which simply means their clients are not just healthier, they are also happier!

One of our favorite gym promo videos credit to Mitch Med Media

Copperhead Community

Whether it’s a brand new member, someone dropping in from out of town, or seasoned veteran. They try their best to make them feel right at home with a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. Stop by and see for yourself

What Other Services Does Copperhead Offer?

At Copperhead, you will get the energy of a group workout with all the benefits of an experienced personal trainer for motivation, attention, and technique tips. Their coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging, committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.


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