AmpedPro Gym Spotlight- ChuckWalla CrossFit- of North-Central Phoenix

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Periodically, we LOVE to highlight gyms Across Arizona. We do this to let everyone know a little about them and what they offer their members. We do this for a few reasons;

1. As free publicity for the gym -anything we can do to help gyms out, we do it.

2. Showing some of the best practices of how the gym operates. This helps get the gyms owner and talented staff, the recognition they deserve for a job well done!

Factors For Gym Success

There are many factors that contribute to a gym’s success. By identifying these factors, a gym can maximize their effectiveness in positively impacting the health and wellness of their members.

Member engagement

One of the factors that makes a big difference, is member engagement. Chuckwalla CrossFit, of North-Central Phoenix, engages their members with a positive and supportive gym community. I have had the privilege of visiting this gym and would recommend anyone in the area to look them up.


What Is ChuckWalla CrossFit?

Written by their own staff, here is a little insight about Chuckwalla and how they do-what-they-do.

‘We are Chuckwalla CrossFit, in (north-central) Phoenix, AZ. Our mission is to empower people to be the strongest version of themselves. We accomplish this through CrossFit and community. At our gym everyone has a place, and everyone knows your name. From “just got off the couch-er” to “avid exerciser,” our coaches start where you are and help you grow from there, tailoring your fitness experience to meet your goals! We have a non-intimidating, super supportive environment and run classes 7 days a week!

CrossFit is our main program, which is a functional fitness program that utilizes strength training, bodyweight movements and high intensity training to get you strong and fit in the shortest time possible. We also have QuickFit, which is a 30-minute cardio-based program, and Barbell Club, which focuses on Olympic weightlifting.

Our most unique program is Strong After Baby, which is a 10-week class for moms to rebuild their strength & core after having a baby. This program is also partnered with local pelvic floor physical therapists for education on healing/preventing common postpartum dysfunction, a nutrition coach for education on fueling during the postpartum season and provides education on postnatal depletion as well as yummy local snacks! One other unique thing about us is that we have free childcare!’


If you are a member of Chuckwalla CrossFit, or if you have any questions about the gym, PLEASE leave a comment below and let us know what you think! Let’s grow and learn together.



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