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AmpedPro, -Your gyms One-Stop-Shop for health and wellness products/services,- is pleased to showcase this week’s AmpedPro gym Spotlight, BlakSteel Fitness, located in Phoenix, Arizona. This gym puts its own twist on fitness that makes its programs engaging and fun.


Independently owned and operated gyms provide a lot of advantages to the gym goers. They receive a great fitness experience with the community of other members, along with the individual attention of the trainers helping them along the way.

I very much enjoy learning how the owner’s personalities and management style create these awesome fitness communities. You will find this week’s spotlight just as cool as I did! I hope you will check them out in Phoenix and tell them that AmpedPro sent you!

Workout classes

Providing small group training with classes having a max of 10 people, BlakSteel Fitness ensures that the instructor is able to watch and assist each participant’s form and provide modifications if necessary.

Each client receives individual attention which cannot be achieved in classes of 40 plus people. If you are looking for a group fitness experience and getting the instructor’s guidance to help you reach your goals, this is your place!



            Variety  of classes offered

BlakSteel Fitness offers a large variety of classes including indoor cycle (with a live DJ), TRX, Boxing, Mat Pilates, Barre, Strength, and HIIT classes, and even has a unique class that is a fusion of Yoga and Twerking (TwerGa). This wide range of classes and the awesome trainers are what keeps members coming back for more!


The BlakSteel Experience

BlakSteel is special for many reasons.    When asked what his vision was when creating BlakSteel Fitness, Todd Shuler commented “BlakSteel Fitness was created to be a standard of health and a compass to find balance between your physical, emotional and mental states.  We strive to be a positive impact in the community and in the world.   We promote positivity, joy and gratefulness.   We have fun, which means our clients aren’t just healthier, they are also happier!”

“Our motto is Steel Body, Steel Mind, Steel Spirit!  We are here to help you achieve all three.”

More and more members are wanting to be a part of something that is more than just a workout. They want a gym or community that shares their values. Gyms like BlakSteel are absolutely setting the standard for how gyms should operate.

BlakSteel community

The trainers and staff at BlakSteel all agree that the one thing that is most special is the amazing clients and the love and support that everyone brings and provides to each other.

It is clear that BlakSteel is more than a gym community, they are a family. The BlakSteel Team views their members as more than just clients, they view them as members of their community that are working together to achieve their fitness goals.

What other services does BlakSteel offer?


In addition to the small group classes, BlakSteel offers one on one personal training.  Todd Shuler (Owner and Founder) has been in the fitness industry for over 16 years.   Throughout these years Todd has had the opportunity to work with a number of different clients, with varying goals and personalities.

His work with everyone from athletes, elderly, women, men and children has given him the unmatched ability to create several different modules of training and has given him a unique outlook on life and perspective into the minds of clients.

Being able to reach the members in not only a physical way with the fitness classes but on an emotional level helps the member reach new levels through proper guidance.


BlakSteel also has a professional boxing coach on site for one on one boxing training and a nutritionist for anyone looking for nutrition advice.

For more information on BlakSteel fitness,

Check them out at


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