4 blogs Gym Owners Should follow

Gym Owners

To keep up on the trends in the health and fitness industry, gym owners, coaches, and trainers, often search through any relevant online resources they can find. Most of the information on the internet is redundant and a lot is completely useless. So it is important to know what is actually worth reading, and what is not (I hope that you find our blogs worth reading not inf the redundant or worthless category).

This post is to help gym owners, coaches and trainers know a few useful blogs to follow. Here are 4 blogs that can help you own or manage a gym and be a better trainer.

Breaking Muscle

Strength and endurance training information with tips on athletics mobility and all-around physical training. The information is written by experts in their individual fields. This blog is a great resource for trainers creating programs and implementing new technics into their routines.

New York Times Fitness Blog

This is a great source of info for anyone that may be interested in owning a gym or currently own a gym wanting to tighten up their business. Great business and fitness information that will help you start, manage and grow your fitness business.

Social Media Examiner

Learning how to use Facebook and LinkedIn and other social media platforms. How to use SEO and increase Web presence can help your gym and your online business. This blog will help people to find you.

Lift Big Eat Big

This Blog is an easy and fun read about nutrition, programming and gett’n gains for yourself and your members. Coaches and trainers will find this information good, not only for themselves but as a source to help their members reach their fitness goals. It is said that 80% of fitness is what you eat. Get the tips here!

Following blogs like these help gym owners and aspiring gym, owners improve their ability to manage their gym and help their members achieve their fitness goals.

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