5 Podcast that can help your startup or business

General Business Gym Owners

In an earlier post,  we shared a few blogs good for gym owners. Now we share some more general business blogs that help you learn from others success and their failures. Here are 5 podcasts that can help you with your business or startup.



1. Eventual Millionaire

Hosted by Jaime Masters, this podcast seeks explains how millionaires get their first million. Success leaves clues, follow this podcast to learn some of them.



2. The Tim Ferriss Show

The author of “the 4-Hour Workweek” impacted the business world years ago. Today Ferriss works on the interviews guest like Katie Couric and the famous Tony Robbins on his podcast.





3. She Did It Her Way

Female entrepreneurs are amazing and their stories are unique. Amanda Boleyn’s podcast She Did It Her Way focuses on women in business and their inspiring stories



4. Entrepreneur on Fire

Inspiring Entrepreneurs interviewed can help all aspiring entrepreneurs. This podcast helps tap into the minds of entrepreneurs ranging from serious to humorous stories of big names and stories you might not have heard of.



5. How to Start a Startup

This 20 episode podcast helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn what things to think about when starting up a company. It’s hosted by Stanford alumni Sam Altman, Adora Cheung, and Peter Thiel.




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