3 ways to increase sales Online and get a Brick and mortar location (without paying for one)

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3 ways to increase sales Online and get a Brick-and-Mortar location (without paying for one)

Are you a totally online store? Do you have a physical presence anywhere? Are you an Amazon Seller?

Up until recently, the push was to go online with retail. The Largest retailer on the block (Amazon) has forced many big box, brick & mortar retailers and even smaller brick-and-mortar retailers to get online and get their fast. The smaller retailer may try to go through the cost of setting up a website, figuring out logistics and dealing with customer returns. While other small retailers throw their hands in the air and give their profit margins to Amazon by using their fulfillment by Amazon FBA service. There are even some that do a little of both undercutting their margins in one hand while just to stay alive in the other!

My question for you is, what are the Big boy (or girl) retailers doing??? Are they going all online? Are they staying with the brick and mortar model? The answer YES!! Larger retailers (Amazon included) are working on a hybrid (not the car) of both online and brick and mortar retail. They have the distribution channels and the capability to do both.

Even Amazon is heading to this hybrid model of both online and brick and mortar locations (check out more info on how Amazon is doing that here in this Forbes article.

So how can a smaller retailer compete, maintain some healthy margins and expand their business?

Well, buckle up! Because here some a sales pitch!  Not really, Here are 3 things you can do to stay ahead of the curve of other small retailers, compete and grow your retail business.

  1. Carry great products and build a brand with them

  2. Make sure your customers enjoy the experience

  3. Find online and physical location channels to the customers you want

1) Always important is having a product you are proud to sell and a product your customers are proud to own. If its workout shorts you sell, make sure they are awesome and hit all the “I wants” your customers ask for and a little more. If you had some success in selling your product already, GREAT! Find out why your customers bought it and what they liked about the product and what they didn’t like. Ask your customer what would make them buy again?

2) If you are a totally Online company, understand the customer experience (UX) from the ad the customer clicks on that takes them to your landing page, to check out with one (or more) of your products. Log on to your site and say out loud “as a user/customer, I am logging on to the site” (pay no attention to the way your dog or cat looks at you as you talk to yourself.. They are animals they don’t know what it is like running a business) go through your site and see where it takes you as a “user/customer.” Think of it as an acting gig and see where the scene takes you. Write down what you see and what you “feel” as a customer. Sounds kinda ‘hokey’ I know, but it can really help you improve your customer’s experience.

3) Lastly, and one of the most innovative areas of this process, is finding a physical location channel to the customers you want for your online retail store. I can hear you, “that makes no sense! Online is online, I don’t want to own a store, that’s the whole purpose of being online! To avoid the cost of owning a store and reaching more people! This guy is an idiot!”

Well before you click the back button hear me out. Sure this idea or concept take some creative thinking. If you are only online, how can you have a physical present? Think about it, it will take some partnering up with other business perhaps? How do I do that without have inventory cost killing me? ….

Alright, I lied, here comes the pitch!

AmpedPro’s platform partners with vendors like you to be able to compete with the Walmarts and Amazons of the world. You may not have the resources to compete with their massive online presents and nation-wide brick and mortar retail presents. However, AmpedPro created a platform that brings small business  retailers and vendors together to serve customers on a more local and ‘Glocal’ level and have a much more impactful customer experience.

Through the AmpedPro platform, you get your products in front of premium captive customers with a hybrid of Online/Mobile and physical brick and mortar locations.

Here is how it works

How is it done?

As an AmpedPro vendor, your products can be available for order through the AmpedPro kiosk. These Kiosks are in gyms all over. Depending on your product you can even have your products physically in gym/location for customer pick up and purchase, or the customer can order it for delivery through the kiosk.

The Platform is a channel that allows you to get in front of the right customer at the right time.

You can learn more at GetAmpedPro.com

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