2020 and Beyond, the future of retail

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Just saying “retail business” in 2020 can conjure up images of the end of apocalypse and despair. But I’m here to tell you that there are still opportunities in both traditional brick and mortar retail and online eCommerce.

Sure, working in the retail industry during the COVID pandemic and in the post, COVID world requires some thinking outside the box. We have to throughout the old playbook and start all over again. Innovation and a fresh look at your business model is a must to navigate these new norms. However, older technics are still needed, and I intend to have you look at an innovative idea for traditional word-of-mouth marketing and digital marking specialties.

AmpedPro/Ardor has developed a new type of platform that allows for innovation in traditional business practices.  Contactless retail and a network of small businesses working together with tools to help companies to grow their client base and retain their clients longer are what we are helping our partners with.

Focusing on your core offering is always crucial for small businesses. We allow small businesses to focus on their core offering while turning their business into a channel of products and services the customer will always come back to.

 Your business with our technology offers everything you offer, along with other supportive products and services that your clients are already using.

 We make it easy for you to refer your clients to purchase other vendors’ products and services that you already trust and recommend.

When your clients purchase these products and services through your business channel, our platform supports commission earnings on sales of your client’s purchase.

This is how our platform provides a Business 2 Business Network and support you in offering your clients everything they need and staying in contact with them.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing more information on the AmpedPro/Ardor mobile application, and how it can be used to retain your customers better and grow your business.

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